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The Enduring Mystery of Emo Emily, Porn’s Favorite Sadgirl

Our emo sweeps may be gone, but our hard-ons for overly emotional girls who rawr will never die

Stumbling across Emo Emily’s porn site is like falling headfirst into a time machine, destination 2005. It was a simpler time: Pete Wentz was the target of global thirst, everyone wore neon-colored skinny jeans, we all had “emo sweeps” and the biggest online dilemma was selecting your Myspace Top 8.

With her back-combed, dyed-black hair, pierced nipples and enough black eyeshadow to make Marilyn Manson wince, Emo Emily is a sexy, brunette avatar of that extremely specific cultural moment. From a trend standpoint, she’s a little out-of-date — emo was basically dead by 2010 — but Emily’s Pornhub page is still wildly popular, with over half a million views.

Not all the videos on her page are of the same person — there are multiple Emilys, it seems — but the aforementioned brunette pops up way more regularly than any of her unnamed co-stars. So, how has this die-hard emo managed to keep so many dicks hard long after the golden days of her beloved subculture? More importantly, who the hell is Emo Emily?

Emily’s gloriously kitsch website offers up a few clues. “Hi guys, I’m Emily,” reads her bio, accompanied by a coy photo of your soon-to-be emo girlfriend gazing up lovingly at the camera. “I got kicked out of Catholic school for my look and behavior.” Emily, it seems, is a bad girl. A rebel. A Catholic school dropout, loathed by the religious establishment for her rebellious red streaks and over-the-top makeup.

Next up, there’s a brief sample montage that opens with the dictionary definition of “emo”: “A person who is overly sensitive, emotional and full of angst, or who adopts a certain style characterized by dyed black hair, tight T-shirts and skinny jeans, etc.”

We can’t know for sure whether Emily fits the sartorial bill — she’s always naked, apart from a leather, studded choker and a cross necklace (no doubt a middle finger to her harrowing Catholic school past). All that we know about her can be gleaned from a series of captions, splashed across a punchy, purple leopard-print background. Emily is a “sexy emo teenager.” She’s “emotional” — she mimics falling tears with her hands, as proof. She’s also “experimental,” “horny” and “just plain nuts,” which seems a little insensitive — although Emily, with her eyes crossed and her tongue poked out, hardly seems to mind.

Fans can send her a message for $1.39, and a site subscription also earns them access to a handful of Emily’s “friends” — though again, the specifics here are extremely vague.

So, who’s behind the site? The short answer: It’s unclear. A contact email links through to a website called Teen Revenue, an online porn umbrella company that also manages sites like Gramps on Teens — “watch old men fuck some tight teen pussy!” — and Little April, who promises fans she’s “horny,” “petite” and (most importantly) “legal.” Emily’s apparent youth is, of course, another big draw — Teen Revenue seems to specialize in dangerously young porn stars, so with Emo Emily, they’ve basically just taken the “jailbait porn” genre and made it rawr.

Interestingly, though, there’s no mention of Emo Emily on Teen Revenue. Luckily, over on the site’s XHamster profile, two aliases are listed — Selma and Elizaveta M. The actual porn videos are business as usual, here — whether she’s being fucked in the kitchen or eating a fellow emo babe, Emily proves time and again that she’s worthy of the “experimental” descriptor foisted upon her. Meanwhile, a “Name That Porn” site would seem to indicate that Emo Emily is one of many nicknames favored by a naked Russian model. In a photo set shot in a snowy Moscow courtyard by an account filled with other Eastern European hotties, she wears black riding boots and a crimson, knitted hat as she poses for the camera, oblivious to the cold. As Selma, she even has her own sparsely-written BoobPedia page.

These horny breadcrumbs lead to a handful of Emily’s non-emo porn pursuits, but there’s basically no trace of her online presence post-2015 — in that sense, Emo Emily has a lot in common with her subcultural namesake.

Outside of porn, subreddits like r/Rawring20s — which has 9,200 members and counting — still fawn over emo babes, leaving comments like “would smash” and “this is the kind of picture that proves why I love women.” There’s also a tiny handful of emo porn creators staying true to the original, albeit slightly outmoded blueprint: From “young, hung Hawaiian twink” Boi Candy to “definitely emo” independent porn creator DeadSeal, these alternative performers are keeping the subculture’s remaining fans happy. It’s nowhere near the most popular porn niche, but there’s certainly a steady trickle of emo porn for those who want it.

As for the elusive Emily, she may never know just how many skinny jean-clad erections she’s stimulated worldwide. Emo may be dead, but through the enduring appeal of this horny, mysterious and apparently emotional babe, it’s horny legacy lives on.