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Bless the Supreme Dumbness of the Discord Sex Hack

A keyboard shortcut that turns a Discord GIF into an unhinged secret meme, it has the entire internet frothing and convulsing in pure, dumb ecstasy

As someone who’s only used Discord a grand total of three times — exclusively for commentary during online board game nights (yes, really) — the idea of a “Discord sex hack” means nothing to me. But for the millions of people who use Discord for… whatever people use Discord for, it seems to be a Kim-K-on-the-cover-of-Paper internet breaking moment. Although the words “Discord sex hack” sound particularly titilating, the actual phenomenon behind the name is totally PG-13 — but that hasn’t stopped people from tweeting incessantly about it.

The discovery of the hack seems to have started a few days ago with a tweet by someone called @rebane2001, who shared the following (borderline gibberish) instructions:

How 2 @discord sex:

  1. Open Discord on the computer
  2. Click GIF picker and send a GIF
  3. Type in chat: “s/e/x” (without quotes) and SEND
  4. ???

In light of people accusing them of “cappin,” they then followed up with some further tips/clarifications:

U must FIRST send GIF (step 1)

Step 2: Then SEND the message that says s/e/x


Warning number 2: DO NOT USE SAVED GIFS (use SEARCH or TRENDING)!!

Pro tip: do not use The Mobile Phone

Although I saw on Twitter what the sex hack does, for the purpose of this article I did log into Discord and test it out myself. And — you’ll be pleased to know — it works. The hack takes the GIF you sent to someone and turns it into a still-image meme. The meme contains the instructions for the hack in the top left corner, a stick figure eating cereal and bemoaning, “This will never work” in the top right corner, then the still GIF in the bottom left corner — now overlaid with the words, “WTF DISCORD SEX / ??? WTF ??? SEX ???” — and the stick figure spitting out its cereal in the bottom right corner. If you type “s/e/x” again, you get an “ULTRA DOUBLE SEX” meme.

There’s also a tiny QR code, which, when you scan it, takes you back to the original tweet. And, in some of the hacked memes I generated, there was also a little pop-up that said, “New sex game. Try 999 IQ game: type s/w/ag.” When I typed “s/w/ag” as instructed, a chess board appeared. I followed the example move — “s/g/$&b1c3” — and when the board refreshed, one of my pawns had moved into the middle. Cool, I guess? 

Over on Twitter, someone tried to explain how the hack works. They wrote: “Explanation-ish: s/ idk, e/ targets the letter e, x/ replaces it with x, tenor -> txnor. The creator of this has created a website called ‘txnor,’ and scraped all of its trending content with the information you inputted before. This creates the glitch. Have fun.” When you go to, it takes you back to — you guessed it — the original tweet. Redditors have attempted similar explanations, though another person alleged that the meme isn’t even new, it’s “been there since at least 2016, if not the beginning.”

If none of that made any sense to you, join the club! Figuring this out is way beyond my pay grade, but even if I could explain it, it wouldn’t matter — it’s just a funny thing that’s bringing people joy in the otherwise apocalyptic hellscape we live in. It’s also trending on Twitter and Google, though there’s no clear reason why — people are just very excited about it. One person even called it “the most fun [they’ve] had using Discord since 2018.”

If you were looking for an actual sex hack on Discord, however, I’m afraid you’re barking up the wrong tree.