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Get It While It’s Hot: Let This Tricep Rope Wring Out Your Arms Like a Dirty Dishrag

Sure, the gym might have it. But I guarantee you’re gonna be waiting forever to use it

You need to buy this CAP Barbell Tricep Rope for a couple of reasons. First, at $9.99 on Amazon, this is a very good deal. But second, the tricep rope is among the most popular attachments at the gym, often leaving them in short supply and forcing you either to skip out on using it or waiting around forever until you can get your turn.

It’s worth the wait, but it’s far easier (and more efficient) if you have one of your own.

In terms of what it does for you, a tricep rope enables you to pull with your tricep muscles as opposed to pressing with them. Not only does this make a subtle difference in the way your muscles react to the movement, preparing them to respond to multiple varieties of resistance, but the mobile nature of the rope allows you to modify the position of your hands as you pull against the resistance. As such, you can squeeze your triceps in the most optimal position away from your body without being limited by a solid bar or object running directly into you — i.e., get the best possible pump.

Outside of triceps, the rope is also valuable for its ability to vary the feel of other common exercises like straight-arm pulldowns, rows and curls. It’s also effective for performing less-popular, rehabilitative (and pre-habilitiative) moves like face pulls, which is a fantastic way to maintain the long-term viability of your shoulders and preserve your ability to do any upper-body exercises.

In any event, given its popularity and current price, the CAP Barbell Tricep Rope delivers on that always appealing twin promise of saving time and money.