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Marrying Your Ex’s Dad Is TikTok’s Coldest Revenge

A number of women on the app claim to have gotten back at their exes by becoming their hot, bizarro stepmoms

For some women, revenge is a long game. If you cheat or otherwise wrong her, it’s not enough that she gets back at you with an equal crime. Instead, there’s only one solution: She has to fuck your dad. Better yet, she has to fuck your dad, marry him and become your stepmom.

This line of messaging has been popular for years — there are dozens of Reddit threads from anonymous people who claim to have actually slept with their ex’s dad, and more than a few tabloid-y articles from women claiming that it’s led to the “best sex they ever had.” TikTok, however, has taken things up a level by adding the marriage and stepmom elements. 


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In fact, plenty of creators have made this their whole shtick. @spoiled.trophy.wife is one — several of her videos mention how men call her a “ho” for marrying her ex’s dad, but that she’s just happy to now have a stepson who she can teach life lessons to. Yet, while she’s sticking to this story and has multiple videos about it, she doesn’t have any evidence to prove that it’s real. She does appear to be married to a man 25 years her senior, but has never shown photos of the son she allegedly dated first. Notably, she’s previously gone viral for claiming that she injected chili oil into a cheating ex’s condoms, so some skepticism is warranted here. 

Regardless, she encourages women to make sure they meet a guy’s whole family before committing to him — after all, the dad might be a better pick. 

Bit or not, she’s not the only woman pushing such a narrative. There are dozens of women claiming to have married their ex’s dad, most often with “Crazy” by Patsy Cline as their song of choice in the video. Similarly, there are plenty more videos of women suggesting that this is what they’re going to do, or telling other women to pursue that route. “Don’t just get with his dad, marry his dad and make him your stepson babe,” one viral video says. “Therapy isn’t enough. I need to marry his dad,” adds another

Still, like with @spoiled.trophy.wife, there’s little evidence of anyone actually doing this — most don’t even appear to be married. Again, it’s just a fun lie that gets attention on TikTok. 


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It’s easy to see why it works every time, too — is there any colder revenge than going straight to the man who gave him life? If someone looks to their father as a source of authority, becoming that father’s wife makes you an extension of that authority, and positions you as an unignorable facet of his life. Sleeping with his friends is weak when the guy who raised him is on the table. 

No matter what kind of retaliation you can come up with, no revenge is sweeter than shacking up with dear old dad.