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The Masturbatory Mind-Control of r/BabeCock

At first, it seems like a community of people who just really love photos of celebrities near dicks. Then the subliminal messaging starts

People have been shoddily Photoshopping their favorite celebrities into porn since the dawn of time. And with the development of deepfakes and increasingly convincing editing tricks that allow porn to be made starring anybody — regardless of whether or not they actually created said porn — these practices are likely to increase. With time, developments in augmented and virtual reality will probably make it so anyone can put on a headset, strap themselves to some sensors and experience a digital version of sex with their favorite celebrities. 

But on Reddit, there are a devoted set of horny people committed to creating porn that’s more basic and old school. These fans don’t need to see Emma Watson’s face edited onto a porn star’s body — all they need is a picture of Emma Watson and a picture of an erect, oft-cumming dick next to her. For the 87,500 subscribers of r/BabeCock, their imaginations can do the rest. 

r/BabeCock is not, as the title may suggest, pictures of babes who have cocks, or even babes interacting with cocks (though both are mixed in there, too). Instead, it’s mostly just pictures and videos of babes next to cocks. This combination is most often featured in a split-screen format, reminiscent of “goon caves” where guys will set up multiple screens to fully surround themselves with porn. Video versions, such as TikToks positioned between two porn clips like a smutty triptych, are popular, too. For example: A clip of someone performing the viral Zero Two dance will be sandwiched between videos of girls making out and GIFs of penises as they’re cumming. It’s one complete video, so when you press “play,” all the content is shown at once. Sometimes, the porn will even be edited to match the rhythm of the song the TikTok plays.

Why? “People just love a seeing a dick next to a girl or a trans girl stroking her cock next to a picture of a girl,” explains WWESlutsLover, a regular poster on the subreddit. “People love women, but they also love a big cock. You combine them together, and you get ‘babecock.’” 

The thing is, the members of r/BabeCock aren’t simply showing you a picture of a celebrity and an erect dick for fun — they’re trying to condition you to be attracted to both. The Urban Dictionary entry for “babecock” spells its mission out clearly: It’s “a video/pic of babes next to cocks, where you’re training your mind to associate sexual feelings toward the sex you already like with the other sex of your choice.” 

Again, like gooning, this is an approach rooted in hypnosis. By looking at images of a person you desire next to actual porn, one is hypothetically able to work themselves into a trance where the two images become one. In some cases, the hypnosis goes even further — while r/BabeCock does sometimes feature heterosexual porn, much of it is focused on pictures of erect penises or men masturbating. Notably, the cocks in question don’t belong to the person who created the image — they’re all way too big for that.

On the subreddit, this is framed as a form of subliminal messaging meant to convince a man who likes cis women to also like penises (or to convince a man who likes penises to also like cis women). Trans women with penises also feature prominently, sometimes even spliced in-between clips of lesbian or cis heterosexual porn

This theme of swapping sexualities is indeed common fodder on the sub. For example, one user edited a video of actress Aubrey Plaza licking her lips and looking away coyly next to a video of an ejaculating penis. According to the comments, the idea is that Plaza is convincing “straight” men to like the video of the penis. “What is it about Aubrey that makes me so gay for fat cock? She’s mesmerizing,” one wrote. “Aubrey has a way of making me want to do very gay things,” confided another. 

WWESlutLover attributes much of this to the one-two punch of low-key hypnosis and porn, which predominantly features large, eye-catching cocks whose wanderings in and out of various holes is often the focal point — with so much emphasis on the dick, how could anyone not get into cock? But there’s a submissive element to it, too. “Some people are super submissive and the girl [in the video] is their goddess, so they’ll do anything for them,” he explains. “Even if that’s sucking a dick.”

Still, when looking at babecock content, it’s hard to understand precisely which aspect is most erotic. Is it the fully clothed TikTok star? The OnlyFans model with big breasts and a massive dick? Or is it simply the view of the disembodied penis ejaculating? 

We’re not meant to know. Instead, r/BabeCock wants us to absorb all these images at once — babes, cocks, babes with cocks, babes who have cocks — questioning and mutating our sexualities in the process. After all, sexuality is a spectrum. Who cares what you’re gooning to as long as it gets you off?