Mike Sager

Mike Sager is a bestselling author and award-winning reporter. He’s been called “the Beat poet of American journalism.” For more than forty years he has worked as a writer for the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, GQ and Esquire. A founding editor of MEL Magazine, he is the author of 12 books. A number of films and documentaries have been based on his work. For more info see

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The Unlikely YouTube Superstardom of Dr. Gregory Johnson, ‘Your Houston Chiropractor’

The 60-year-old’s patented adjustment, the ‘Ring Dinger,’ must be seen to be believed—the very reason YouTube viewers can’t get enough of him (or the noise that it makes)

Not Quite The Rock

The life and times of Tanoai Reed, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s spitting image, distant cousin and the man who has broken countless bones as the action star’s go-to stunt man

Among the Flesh at a Famous Beverly Hills Orgy

By 2 a.m. in Beverly Hills, the SNCTM Masquerade is peaking. Music swirls. Laughter rises. Bodies couple and writhe. The center of attention in the living…

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