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Katie Walsh

Katie Walsh is a Los Angeles-based film critic, writing weekly film reviews for the Tribune News Service and the Los Angeles Times. Her writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Playboy. She is a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.


With ‘Wonder Woman,’ Patty Jenkins Didn’t Just Make the First Good DCEU Movie — She Gave Us an Empathetic Superhero

There was a lot of pressure on a female director to deliver the first major female-driven comic-book film. Jenkins figured it out by telling a story that was personal and aspirational — and with a Diana we really need right now.

‘Punisher: War Zone’ Director Lexi Alexander Never Met a Hollywood Obstacle She Couldn’t Roundhouse Kick

Alexander was the first woman to helm a combat-heavy comic book movie, but it landed the promising young stuntwoman-turned-filmmaker in director’s jail for years. Here’s how she fought back

‘Æon Flux’ Was a Disaster — And Revealed How Much Harder It Is for Female Directors to Escape Movie Jail

Karyn Kusama was a hot indie filmmaker before her big studio action movie bombed. Its failure wasn't her fault, but she had to fight Hollywood sexism to find a happy ending