Alaska Doesn’t Give A F*ck About North Korea’s Nuclear Missiles

On the Fourth of July, North Korea tested a long-range missile that, for the first time, would be powerful enough to reach the U.S.— specifically, the great state of Alaska. But instead of making the doomsday preparations you might expect from a place threatened by nuclear annihilation, Alaskans collectively shrugged.

With all that natural beauty, who has time for doomsday anyway?

Not ones to miss an opportunity to catch a big salmon run, we flew north to see for ourselves how Alaskans are feeling about the apparent existential threat posed by North Korea and its Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

The reaction, in short: Alaskans don’t give a fuck.

They’re more concerned with earthquakes and hungry grizzly bears than anything the Supreme Leader could possibly bring to their doorstep.

Don’t believe us? Check out our latest film, Alaska DGAF, above to get a sense of the fearless spirit we found in pretty much everyone we encountered during our time in the 49th state.

In the meantime, don’t forget to practice your duck-and-cover technique.

You know, just in case.