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5 Things to Consider Before Starting Treatment for ‘Low T’

Ads may present testosterone as a fountain of youth, but the treatments aren’t something to rush into

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Testosterone Therapy

Is testosterone therapy a fountain of youth? Maybe! Maybe not. Here are five things to consider before starting treatment for "Low T."

Posted by MEL Magazine on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Are you tired, moody or struggling to get it up? In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has spent billions of dollars spreading the message that, perhaps, low testosterone levels are to blame. But really, they are rebranding the normal effects of aging as a “medical condition” with the deliberately catchy name “Low T.”

Thanks to their efforts, the number of prescriptions for testosterone issued annually nearly doubled between 2010 and 2013, while Low-T clinics have opened around the country. But the FDA is increasingly concerned about the number of healthy men being diagnosed with “hypogonadism” and prescribed T not because they have significant health problems, but merely because they’re aging. Watch our video to get the truth about “Low T” before rushing into treatment that you may not need.