Monumental Racism: The KKK Member Who Carved Mount Rushmore

Gutzon Borglum, the man behind the iconic granite celebration of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, also played a vital role in re-establishing the Klan in the 1920s

We Had a Chance With Emancipation, but the United States Quickly Failed the Black Men and Women It Freed

For a brief moment, it seemed as though freedmen could be provided with a true path to success. Then Abraham Lincoln was killed, the military stopped providing protection and the racists started calling the shots

It’s Long Past Time We Make Juneteenth a National Holiday

We need a day of remembrance for what Black people have endured to become Americans — and what we continue to endure

Every Plantation in the Country Should Be Turned Into a Slavery Museum

Today, they’re either tourist traps or the backdrop for weddings. But like Auschwitz and the sites of other concentration camps in Europe, they need to serve a much bigger purpose — making sure that America never forgets the horror of slavery.