A Cut-and-Dried Method for Drying Your Magic Mushrooms

There’s a good reason you don’t eat magic mushrooms fresh — they don’t last as long as dried ones. With that in mind, here’s how to dry them out for a very un-dry time

Why You Can’t Tell If You’ve Pissed Yourself While on Shrooms

As a recent Reddit thread showed, a surprising number of people constantly think they’re peeing their pants while they’re tripping, even though they aren’t. Why, mushrooms? WHY?!

How to Shop for Magic Mushroom Grow Kits on Amazon

Thanks for helping me build my psychedelic garden, Jeff Bezos!

How to Identify the Most Common Types of Magic Mushrooms

From Penis Envy to Liberty Caps, there are roughly 180 species of psychedelic mushrooms, but you’re most likely to find these four in the little plastic baggie your dealer hands you