‘Haywire’ Is the Female-Driven Spy Movie Done Right

As we wait for ‘The 355,’ here’s a quick reminder that Steven Soderbergh’s stylish action-thriller invited MMA fighter Gina Carano to play a lethal operative who beats the hell out of a lot of Hollywood’s leading men. Ten years later, it’s still a killer

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Wants to Worldbuild You to Death

The highly-anticipated sequel is heavier on exposition and explanation than it is on the emotion and ideas that got us hooked on this franchise in the first place

‘Drive My Car’ Is About a Sad Man Learning He’ll Never Understand His Dead Wife

This acclaimed, enigmatic drama follows a theater director grieving for an unfaithful spouse — while hanging out with the actor she was having an affair with

‘House of Gucci’ Confirms Your Suspicions That Rich People Are Dumb and Bad

Ridley Scott’s star-studded crime drama is trashy, seductive and opulent, all in service of catering to our deep-seated desire to watch the privileged elite get their comeuppance