So, Is David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ Really That Bad?

Like a lot of notorious cinematic stinkers, the 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel is far from the dumpster fire its reputation would suggest. If anything, its intertwined flaws and strengths make it a fascinating misfire

In ‘Halloween Kills,’ the Real Monster Is Society. Please Clap

David Gordon Green’s sequel to his surprise 2018 hit turns the townspeople’s thirst for revenge on Michael Myers into a critique of America’s reactionary, scapegoating politics. Too bad the movie absolutely bungles the commentary

In ‘The Last Duel,’ Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Want You to Know They Know Men Are Bad

This revisionist medieval drama chronicles a knight’s quest to get justice for his wife after his former best friend rapes her. But the film is most fascinating as a possible mea culpa from the ‘Good Will Hunting’ stars for their own toxic behavior

‘Ghostbusters’ Isn’t a Franchise Worth Resurrecting

With each new reboot attempt, the classic 1984 blockbuster becomes less and less special — and more clearly a product of an era that can’t be recreated

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