The Golden Age Hollywood Diet That Starved Its Famous Starlets — And Then America

In 1929, Ethel Barrymore went to the Mayo Clinic to lose weight and was put on the ‘18-Day Diet,’ which reduced her caloric intake to olives, toast and grapefruit. From there, it took the country by storm. Until, that is, its disciples began dying

I Have No Idea How to Cut This Goddamn Grapefruit

I’d like to devour it like a barbarian, but I’d also to have people to go to brunch with

Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Quesadilla?

I could be convinced to lose the side of sour cream

The Drunken Promises of ‘The Drinking Man’s Diet’

In the mid-1960s, a father-and-son duo helped the country delude itself into thinking that if everyone drank like Don Draper — but really cut back on bread — they’d lose all the weight they ever wanted