The Black Streamer Who Trolls Racists for the Lulz

What does a Civil War video game tell us about racial politics in modern America? Maybe just that America still finds laughter in Black pain — but Andrew Norris is making a statement by playing along

We Had a Chance With Emancipation, but the United States Quickly Failed the Black Men and Women It Freed

For a brief moment, it seemed as though freedmen could be provided with a true path to success. Then Abraham Lincoln was killed, the military stopped providing protection and the racists started calling the shots

How White Claw Became a Meme for Militant Gun Rights Shitposters

Meet the boog bois. These strapped, trigger-happy, so-called ‘autists’ have embraced every sorority’s favorite low-carb spiked seltzer. They blast White Claw cans with ammo as they prep for the next civil war. But is every zealot in on the joke?

The Tale of Two Robert Lees

A couple of Chicago guys on sharing the name of the famous Confederate general