It’s Kill or Be Killed in the Vampire-Western ‘Near Dark’

Kathryn Bigelow’s genre-bending horror flick asks the question: What if you’re fated to kill, but you’d never hurt a fly?

In Defense of Gus Van Sant’s Totally Derided ‘Psycho’ Remake

The Vince Vaughn-led remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic is a lot better if you view it as more of an experiment than an actual commercial product

‘Donnie Darko’ Shows How Creepy Coming-of-Age Can Be

Released in theaters 20 years ago today, Richard Kelly’s directorial debut holds up as a poignant ode to the uncertainty of youth

‘Wolf Guy’ Is a Funkadelic ‘Dirty Harry’ with Claws

In this supernatural mystery, Sonny Chiba is a werewolf reporter with martial arts moves

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