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Win Up to $1 Million By Completing a Jigsaw Puzzle with This Exclusive Sale

MSCHF has doubled the fun with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, and we have an exclusive sale before it goes live anywhere else

Are you a puzzle fan? Do you love to win money? After all, who wouldn’t like to have fun and earn cash at the same time — it’s basically why shitpost investing is so wildly popular! So if you’re thinking, “Screw it, why not?” here’s a chance to win up to $1 million with an incredibly cool puzzle.

MSCHF, the creative geniuses behind the famous 1 Million Dollar Puzzle, is back with the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, and you could say the earning potential has doubled. The puzzle itself is incredibly easy to piece together, and we have an exclusive offer. MEL readers can purchase the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle here before it blows up anywhere else!

There’s got to be a catch when it’s that easy, right? Nope! You’ll be able to win up to $1 million. Every puzzle has a reward of between $1 and $1,000,000, so no matter what, you’ll at least rake in some dough with every puzzle completed. If you have a knack for some big puzzles and a phone with a QR code scanner (and someone over 18 to accept the reward), you can get real cash. 

Still not convinced? MSCHF’s 1 Million Dollar Puzzle earned nearly 1,400 five-star reviews on Amazon — half of all reviews! 

But if you can only win up to $1 million in a single puzzle, why is it called “The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle”? Well, that’s because two puzzles will contain $1 million. That’s where the two-pack comes into play. You can double your odds of earning $1 million and shoot for $2 million by purchasing The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle (2-Pack) for just $56. You’ll save 7 percent on the second puzzle with this deal and only pay $28 per puzzle.Get The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, or double the odds with a two-pack today! Of course, the hardest part will be choosing what to buy with your new money.

Hurry, though, because these guys sell out fast!