Who’s teaching the next generation of pornographers?

Former host of The Apprentice and now president-elect Donald Trump says he wants to bring back apprenticeships. But surely he’s not referring to vocational training in the porn industry. Cue porn-Yoda Nina Hartley: “More women come to porn with real-world experience [or] college degrees, so the level of professionalism has risen,” Hartley says. If you want to make it, you had better bring that level of professionalism from the jump—or, in this case, the hump.

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The Best of All the Rest:

Presidential Elections Are Always a Referendum on American Masculinity

“The presidency as an institution in many ways has always reflected what America considers to be the qualities of a real man: strong, hegemonic and dominant,” says author and filmmaker Jackson Katz.

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Men Who Have Bad Relationships With Their Moms Are Bad With Money

The link between parental relationships and financial risk-taking revealed a difference between the genders. “Nothing predicted financial risk-taking for women,” Kennison says. Whereas with men, “a negative relationship with mom was a strong predictor” of erratic financial behavior.

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The Trump Piñata Economy Will Not Die

The Trump piñata became a common sight at parades, rallies and birthday parties over the course of the long presidential campaign. Filling up a papier-mâché effigy of the president-elect with candy and beating him with bats might not have been the most nuanced political statement, but it was cathartic, and reinforced the sense that The Donald was nothing more than a joke.

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Even the Office Asshole Can Learn Empathy

Annie McKee insists there’s hope for the office asshole, and that you really can teach an old jerk new humanity.

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The Muslim Politician Who Laid the Smack Down on a ‘SmackDown!’ Star

“Certainly Rhino has name recognition that comes given his position and what he does for a living. But it doesn’t change our game plan. Our game plan is, and always will be, to focus on the issues and to do the hard work. We’re always confident in the work that we put into our campaign.

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