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Put Your Best Foot Forward: How to Give a Foot Job

Smooth, responsive and rife with nerve endings, your feet can provide an insane amount of pleasure with relatively little work from you. Here’s how to walk the foot-job line

There are countless tried-and-tested methods to jerk off a dick, but the trusty foot job is comparatively underrated. Sure, it requires more dexterity and more complicated positioning than your average, straightforward handy, but learning to put your best foot forward — and then to wrap it firmly around your partner’s shaft — could pay dividends in the bedroom. When done right, not even the most dedicated of Reddit’s NoFap bros can resist

They might sound niche, but foot jobs aren’t just for foot fetishists (although if you’re already wet at the thought of socks, stockings or high heels, the appeal is obvious). As well as offering a kinky alternative to straight-up penetration, foot jobs can also be wild sensory experiences, especially with a little toe-sucking thrown into the mix. 

As always, though, knowledge is power. Before you strip off your socks and prepare your toes for their new mission, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when navigating your foot-job experiment. 

Prepare Your Feet

Nothing kills a boner quicker than the sight of long, gnarly toenails, super-calloused heels or a fungal infection, so wash your feet with anti-bacterial soap and be sure to seek medical advice for any longer-term medical issues like athlete’s foot. Pampering your feet with a pedicure, either at home or at a nail salon, isn’t a bad idea, either. 

Per Bitcoin Stripper, the alias of an anonymous crypto-savvy sex worker, tastes vary according to your lucky foot-job recipient. “A fresh pedicure with shiny, lacquered toenails can be a huge visual turn-on, and some clients will have a favorite polish color,” she explains. “That said, many foot-job enthusiasts will want smelly or dirty feet. As with all play, it’s important to communicate clearly to learn what your partner wants.”

That said, it’s always advisable to sand away dead, hard skin — the last thing you need is for your rough, flaky heels to erode the skin of your partner’s junk. Same goes for toenails — the longer and sharper the nail, the more uncomfortable it’ll be, so make sure to trim and file. Unless you’re specifically asked not to, skip the toe jewelry as well; those sharp gems can be pokey. 

Lube Those Babies Up 

The holy grail of sex advice applies to foot jobs, too: The wetter, the better. “I love to use natural oils, because they can be warmed to a variety of temperatures to create a range of experiences,” adds Bitcoin Stripper. Go wild with massage oils if you like, or maybe crack open the trusty coconut oil for a thicker, gloopier consistency. Just steer clear of anything too heavily scented, which can sometimes sting when you’re smearing it between someone’s legs.

Don’t be afraid to get creative; a little foot fun could become a full-blown, sexy massage fantasy with a toe-assisted happy ending. As always, if you’re using a condom, be wary of your lube choices — oil-based can wear away latex condoms.

Silicone-based lube will last a while and stay nice and silky, so that’s arguably your best bet if you’re more into lube than oil. Water-based lubes can dry out quickly, but they’re still better than nothing. When it comes to foot jobs, there’s nothing worse than being stingy, so slather this glorious goo all over your toes and your partner, then prepare to get into position.

The Nitty Gritty

The easiest position for a foot job is to sit down on your butt, extend your legs and wrap your toes around your partner’s penis, but you can mix things up. Whether you’re in the bath, sitting on a chair or laid across your bed, all you need to ensure is that your feet are in prime position for jerking. “The feel of soft, slippery arches around your partner’s cock can send them over the edge,” Bitcoin Stripper says. “Add a variety of sensation. Hold their cock against one foot while rubbing with the other, slide your slippery feet up and down in opposition of each other, fuck the head of their cock between your toes.” 

Laying on your stomach with your knees bent and your feet touching also makes a particularly fuckable foot position. 

You don’t only have to use your feet, of course. “You can use your hands to help increase pressure or move your legs if they get tired,” advises Bitcoin Stripper. “Giving foot jobs can be a real workout for your abs, legs and feet.” You can even slide your little toe inside the urethra for an extra jolt of pleasure, especially if your partner loves sounding and is up for it.

Reddit is full of tips, too. From rubbing your toes against the perineum for an external prostate massage to pressing your partner’s cock against their stomach with one foot while stroking it or their balls with the other, there’s plenty of potential for foot-related fun. 

Use Your Imagination

Slide into some stockings, kick your partner in the balls (lightly) or stuff your dirty socks into their mouth — countless kinks pair nicely with foot jobs. Bitcoin Stripper loves to “edge” her clients, using her feet to jerk them into frenzied state before stopping abruptly and “ruining” their orgasm. “I play my client’s body like an instrument,” she says, adding that dirty talk is a great tool to really get the juices flowing.

As with most sex techniques, foot jobs are only as good as your imagination. Once you push past the initial bewilderment of jerking off someone with your toes, you’ll be ready to get your feet wet — literally, I hope.