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What It’s Like to Be the Other Famous Freddy Krueger

This Freddy will murder you on the professional water-skiing circuit, rather than in your dreams

27: Horrorshow – MEL On Air

Like the murderous, disfigured monster who shares his name, pro water-skier Freddy Krueger is an unbeatable, unstoppable force of nature with total dominion over his chosen environment. Fortunately, any similarities end there. While the Freddy who became the iconic antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is best remembered for being a child-murdering psychopath, this Freddy is a decorated veteran of the world of water ski flying. It’s an extremely dangerous sport that features water-skiers hurtling themselves from ramps at high speeds and — in the case of Freddy’s world-record-breaking jump — flying more than 300 feet before smacking back down into the water.

MEL Radio recently spoke to the five-time world champ about his death-defying feats on the water as well as that other nagging bit of infamy — living life as the second most famous Freddy Krueger.