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Tom Hanks Proves He’s a Wife Guy Who Takes Names

When a fan accidentally shoved Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson, the actor didn’t hesitate to let the guy know he fucked up big time

Tom Hanks boasts one of the longest-running marriages in Hollywood — a whopping 34 years, to be exact — to fellow actor Rita Wilson. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the guy who’s known for being one of the most wholesome men in the business would be a total wife guy. Thankfully, though, he doesn’t bear the same cringe as Robbie Tripp, aka “Curvy Wife Guy.” No, Hanks is more of a “That’s My Wife! Guy.”

In a video shared by TMZ this week, Hanks is shown walking with Wilson, only to be swarmed by paparazzi and fans. His bodyguard asks everyone to move out of the way, but one guy appears not to listen. Big mistake. The stranger bumps into Wilson, nearly knocking her down. That’s when Hanks loses his cool and immediately confronts him. “Back the fuck off! Knocking my wife over…,” says an irate Hanks.

The guy who seemingly bumped into Wilson then appears to do what everyone should always do when they know they have a million cameras on them at the time, and blames a startled-looking teen walking behind them. Someone does apologize on his behalf off-camera after Hanks gives a death stare at the crowd for what feels like approximately three years.

So a wife guy, yes. But still forever America’s dad, too. And from that look on his face, we’re definitely all grounded.