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The Weirdest Stock Photos Our Designer Found Online

Some Friday bullshit to kick off your weekend

Stock photos are shitty. Stock photos are really, really shitty. At work I spend most of my day blindly searching through the 100 million photos on Shutterstock, asking myself, “Why am I sober? Why didn’t I go to business school? Are we going to get catered lunch today?”

But every so often the Stock Gods grace me with a gift from the deep abyss. A gift so weird that I must instantly send it to the nearest person I can find. You want a photo of a cyborg woman with a fetish for corn? Sent. Ever seen a chameleon with the head of a Labrador Retriever? Check your Slack!

Here are a few of my favorites from the weird stock photos I’ve found in the course of my normal workday.

Sam Dworkin, assistant art editor

Nude Loungin’ on a Cheeto Puff

Farmer Chasing a Naked Man Off His Human Cabbage Farm

Centaur Meeting a Reverse Centaur on the Beach

Couple Happy About Buying a Sculpture of an Elephants Ass

Very Hair Man Getting Massaged (He Looks Like a Penis)


“If You Love Him, Let Him Vape”

Old Woman Fishing with a Walker

“In the Future Cyborg Women Love Corn”

Pumpkin Patch Suprise

Mini Small Silicon Dolls