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The Subreddit Where wikiHow’s Illustrations Are Even Better Out of Context

Some Friday Bullshit to kick off your weekend

wikiHow has long been the best place on the internet to find answers to life’s most important questions—e.g., “How to Hide an Erection” or “How to Be Okay with Having a Communist Friend.” Besides the in-depth explainers on whichever strange topic you’re searching, however, the forum also has become well-known for its ridiculous illustrations. Exhibit #1: This illustration showing that you should “never get physical” at a rave, “even if you feel like someone is violating your space.”

Personally, I didn’t think wikiHow’s art could get any funnier. But then I found r/disneyvacation, which the page makes abundantly clear, “is not about actual vacations to Disneyland or Disneyworld.” It is, though, remarkably good at mocking wikiHow by allowing subscribers to post “weird/terrifying/hilariously bad pictures from WikiHow” along with “original and funny captions” (generally, by taking them completely out of context). It also made me laugh my ass off. So allow me to pay it forward in the hopes that your ass disappears from laughter, too.

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