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The Never-Ending Appeal of the Kookslams Instagram Account

Some Friday Bullshit to kick-start your three-day weekend

With hours to spare until Memorial Day weekend begins, an armada of Americans are preparing to storm beach towns across the country like their Greatest Generation grandfathers stormed Normandy—with dreams of sand, Budweisers and gnarly barrels dancing in their heads.

Holiday weekends, though, are bad news for beach locals who all year ‘round dread the mass arrival of “kooks” (i.e., someone who doesn’t understand the rules of surfing, or pretends they can surf when they actually blow at it). Example: “That guy has a surf-rack on a Land Rover, what a kook!”

The only upside to a kook is that they’ve inspired a hilarious Instagram account called Kookslams, where post after post (sent by angry local after angry local) is dedicated to kooks getting crushed by waves, blow holes and beaches.

And so, a few of our favorite wipeouts…