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The Manliest Man Things Every Man Should Own to Be a Manly Man

Don’t let anyone tell you that your best life can’t be achieved through things.For us, at least, it’s more a matter of which type of things can lead to that best life. And yes, you should know by now, that in our world, that won’t be $220 raw denim jeans or a $348 bespoke axe. (Seriously — what the fuck are you gonna do with a $348 bespoke axe? There hasn’t been a need to chop your own wood since the advent of the furnace.)

Instead, they’re items with a rich backstory (much richer than their cost) and a dual or complicated meaning that say as much about the history and contradictions of man (and masculinity) as they do about their owner. They run the gamut, too, in terms of utility — from the bedroom to the rearview mirror to the baseball diamond. But most of all, they’re the things that even if you don’t own, you’re a better man for knowing about.

All of the manly man things we’re talking about: