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The Guy Who Made The First Unboxing Video … in 1978

Decades before YouTube, Ray Glasser recorded himself unpacking every Betamax player he could get his hands on

On the second episode of MELonMEL Stories, MEL Radio Executive Producer Craig MacNeil talks to Ray Glasser, a man who has documented most of his life (and most of the TV he’s consumed) via Betamax, the VCR of its day. His love for figuring out how to dub TV shows also inadvertently led to him making the first known unboxing video—as far as we can tell at least—when he jerry-rigged a surveillance camera to record himself fastidiously removing his second Betamax player from its packaging. Above, listen to how he pioneered a genre that YouTube made famous (all in the hopes of not missing All in the Family while he was at work).

And here’s the original video:

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