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The Crappy Design Subreddit Is Home to the Dumbest Things Ever Constructed

Some Friday Bullshit to kick-off your weekend

Humans in a capitalistic society are constantly subjected to the hard work of designers, but in most cases, they could give a fuck. Nonetheless, every billboard, smart car, playground or ejaculating sex doll was meticulously architected by a genius designer, a modern Picasso if you will. Even if that Picasso is more or less ignored by the people who consume these things, rendered as something that simply exists around them as visual white noise.

But every so often, there’s a glitch in the matrix. Someone fucks up a design so badly that it ends up on the internet—most commonly the CrappyDesign subreddit, a place where awful design is publicly and deservedly shamed. It’s a place I go for solace, a place to feel better about myself and my ever-evolving design skills. Because if there’s one thing I know to be true it’s that I’ll never place a red slide in an elephant’s anus. (I, at least, would’ve gone with burnt umber.)

Either way, here’s the worst of the worst of CrappyDesign.

Does this not ring a bell? from CrappyDesign

This whole ad is a trainwreck. from CrappyDesign

Tasty ass-crackers or Tasty-ass crackers from CrappyDesign

Bros Fucking from CrappyDesign

My school decided to use an interesting picture for Net Neutrality… from CrappyDesign

Thanks for reminding me from CrappyDesign

Spiderman’s Web Kleenex from CrappyDesign

I’m just gonna let the fire consume me from CrappyDesign

it’s time to cealreebt! from CrappyDesign

Trust me: once it’s yours, it’s yours from CrappyDesign