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Save Nearly $50 on This Dog Allergen Kit as Part of Our Deal Days Sale!

Make sure that your house is safe for your dog without costly vet trips. Get a test that checks the 100 most common allergens your dog may be allergic to!

The cost to go to the vet is skyrocketing, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. It’s true we’re willing¬†to do anything for our pets, but animal care costs could put us in a terrible dilemma that no one should have to go through. So we’ve included Allergy Test My Pet Kit as part of our Deal Days Sale. Normally $170, we’ve dropped the price down to $59.99, but the price will return to normal on July 14tg.

When we see our pet with itchy skin rashes, upset stomachs, or some other issue, it can end up with a race to the vet’s office. The Allergy Test My Pet Kit measures about 100 of the most common allergens your pet might be allergic to in your household! By measuring proteins in your dog’s sample, it can report more than 100 allergens that might be affecting your dog

This kit will cover common environmental and food allergens that can affect your dog, and it’s super simple to use! Just follow the included step-by-step instructions, send in a sample of your dog’s saliva, and ship it to the lab for testing. That’s it! In two weeks, you’ll get a report that helps you figure out what may be bothering your pup.

The Allergy Test My Pet Kit has received a 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers. One reviewer raved,¬†“I loved the simplicity of this product. The company provided clear, step-by-step instructions to take the saliva sample and package it up for submission. After a few days, I went online to register the sample with my code and then waited to be notified when the processing had been completed.”

Get your Allergy Test My Pet Kit for only $59.99 as part of our Deal Days sale! Act fast, though, because this price drop is gone in a few days!