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There Is No Hotter Subreddit Than r/OnlyFans

No matter the size, position or oscillating speed — this OnlyFans subreddit will blow you away

After a long, stressful day of video-game design and day trading, 26-year-old Illinois native Brendan Goranson likes to take to r/OnlyFans and really let loose for the 140,000 very hot-and-bothered subscribers there.

“I decided to post on r/OnlyFans because other sites didn’t give my posts the attention they deserved,” he tells me. “My top post on r/OnlyFans got more than 2,500 likes, whereas when I posted the same thing on Facebook, all I got was two likes and some concerned DMs from my family. The key [on r/OnlyFans] is to hook them with a really juicy thumbnail. I also use gently controversial titles.”

No one is truer to the spirit of r/OnlyFans than Goranson, who uses it exactly as intended. And so, his posts are exactly that — only fans (two words, no naked flesh whatsoever and lots and lots of cool breeze).

My big gaping hole from OnlyFans

Figured I’d put something fancy on from my private collection from OnlyFans

She upgraded from OnlyFans

Sometime last year, Reddit’s administrators allowed another redditor, nerooooooo, to “adopt” r/OnlyFans and “transform it into a subreddit about fans (the ones used for cooling). Only fans. Completely SFW.” “Due to multiple DMCAs [Digital Millennium Copyright Acts violations], the subreddit has been closed for the last 2 years,” nerooooooo wrote in a post explaining why new visitors to r/OnlyFans were likely to be disappointed in what they found there. “While posting NSFW content on Reddit is totally permitted, copyrighted materials are not.”

Whereas before r/OnlyFans was a graveyard of spammy leaks and links, the new r/OnlyFans community has thrived — if, of course, you’re willing to give the right kind of blowjob. “You’ve got to stand out if you want to reach the top of the charts,” explains Ben, a top-ranked r/OnlyFans contributor. “Just about everybody could post their own stuff; so if you want someone to admire what you’ve got, you gotta make an effort to appeal to their inner sensibilities.”

Ben does so by being a size queen. “Everyone’s all caught up with wanting the newest models, with their sleek, aerodynamic curves, but I’m all about size,” he tells me. “When I’m feeling super hot, there’s nothing else on my mind but one of those industrial-strength models from the 1980s — the kind that high school janitors had to wheel in and out of the gymnasium. Those blow everyone away.”

How I keep my pussy cool ?? from OnlyFans

These fans may play a big role in allowing humanity to keep living in this planet. from OnlyFans

Are barrel bois appreciated here? from OnlyFans

That’s not to say r/OnlyFans hasn’t experienced growing pains. “The biggest issue we have now is dealing with people who spam their OnlyFans(.com) profiles and other similar websites,” explains voicedm, an r/OnlyFans moderator. “I’ve seen way too many nudes in the mod queue, but I’d say that we have it under control for now.”

In fact, the (one-word, NSFW) OnlyFans creator community seems to be a fan (pun unavoidable) of the subreddit. “Some OnlyFans models post on here fully clothed with pictures of fans for an extra layer of irony,” voicedm says. Not to mention, the OnlyFans’ official Reddit account recently gave a little wink to r/OnlyFans as well:

Hey r/OnlyFans! Nice subreddit you’ve got here. We got something for you, and we think you’re really going to like it. from OnlyFans

Goranson, though, would like everyone to towel off and just remember what r/OnlyFans is really about — kinship. Or as he puts it, “The r/OnlyFans community has been accepting and kind and has made me feel supported in my ability to keep cool even when the heat is really on.”

This sub only wants 1 thing and it’s disgusting from OnlyFans