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My Monday Morning Playlist

Music to ease into your work week, curated by Dollar Shave Club CEO Mike Dubin

In an era of office culture where most work is done under the cover of headphones and the sweet sounds of Spotify, we thought it would be interesting to hit up dudes we admire to find out what they listen to in order to get through the workday. First up — Michael Dubin, founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club and generous benefactor of MEL.

As for why these songs make his Monday better, Dubin explains, “Listening to music while working can enhance my productivity, but not always. It depends on if I’m in ‘input mode’ or ‘output mode.’ Usually it’s hard for me to absorb information while music is playing — especially music with lyrics. Mondays are often about ‘output’ as I look to make sure the week gets set up properly. This is a good mix for that. It’s generally upbeat, but not so forceful that it blasts the weekend out of you too fast.”

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