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Little Kids and Big Adults Getting Blasted by Mascots

Some Friday bullshit to kick off your weekend

What do J.J. Watt and Goldy Gopher have in common? On Sundays, you better get the fuck out of their way. Case in point: Earlier this year, during halftime of the Vikings-Buccaneers game at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, a group of mascots took on some children in a scrimmage. On a halfback sweep Goldy did this to a Pee-Wee football player:

Which got us thinking about other mascots steamrolling human beings (both large and small) during sporting events. Turns out, Goldy Gopher is just the latest person in a giant furry headgear to take down another human being at lightning speed. If anything, he was being gentle. See for yourself below.

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