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Foxy Menagerie Verre Will Stop at Nothing to Have the Biggest Boobs on OnlyFans

Even with breasts larger than official NBA basketballs, Verre promises her fans that she's still determined to go bigger

Correction: An earlier version of this article was entitled “The Largest Boobs on OnlyFans Both Belong to Foxy Menagerie Verre.” We fucked that up — the largest pair actually belongs to German model Beshine, who also has an OnlyFans. Verre, however, is doing everything she can to catch up.

In 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit didn’t ask to have such a tiny waist and massive bust. “I’m just drawn that way,” she declares breathily, her smoky voice oozing through her plump red pout. Even so, she quickly became one of animation’s most revered sex symbols, and an embodiment of what her creators call the “ultimate male fantasy.”

Rabbit’s unrealistic dimension didn’t go over well with everyone, but for world-famous glamour model Foxy Menagerie Verre, her exaggerated shape became a feminine ideal. “I absolutely love Jessica Rabbit,” she tells me. “I was a kid when I first saw her, and I stuffed my top with large stuffed animals to imitate her look. Her outrageous curves and over-the-top sex appeal have always fit right in with the vintage aesthetics of days gone by, and I love the challenge of trying to make her look a reality.”

Indeed, Verre is well on her way to becoming a real-life Jessica Rabbit, having undergone four breast augmentation surgeries to date. Her bust now stands at a staggering 8,020 cubic centimeters in volume, making each breast larger than an official NBA basketball. With the exception of German model Beshine, she has the biggest boobs on OnlyFans, and she promises her followers that she’s determined to go even bigger.

This pursuit of gargantuan breasts marks Verre as somewhat of a cultural renegade, a holdout from a bygone era when big boobs were the de facto indicator of desirability. Her image lies in stark contrast to today’s big-butted sex symbols, as well as the many OnlyFans creators who excite their subscribers not with cartoonish body proportions, but with transparency and emotional authenticity. So then, what keeps her going (and growing)? And how do today’s most immense mammaries squeeze into the new boundaries of this sexual landscape?

To answer these questions, we have to go back to 1962, the year that silicone breast implants first arrived on the scene. At the time, models like Twiggy set a beauty standard that involved smaller boobs and a gaunt frame, so the surgery wasn’t terribly popular. It wasn’t until the late 1980s and early 1990s that huge breasts really took off, with Pamela Anderson’s eye-popping bust drawing hundreds of millions of viewers to the latest episode of Baywatch. Perhaps equally influential was Jenna Jameson, the mainstream face of the increasingly popular world of porn. Sporting her own surgically enhanced set, Jameson helped place huge breasts at the center of ‘90s sex appeal.

Not that having them was (or is) easy. The official term for having natural, yet larger-than-life boobs is “macromastia,” though “breast hypertrophy” works too. Women with this condition — as well as with XXL implants — often deal with a variety of challenges such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and skin rashes under their boobs due to their weight. That makes it even more rare and notable when someone like Verre chooses to live the Huge Boob Life.

Today, however, the so-called “tits on a stick” look is no longer in vogue. From Kim Kardashian’s iconic Paper Magazine cover to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video (one billion views and counting), it seems that we’re now living in an ass-centric culture, and the data bear this out. Millennials are far less likely than older groups to search for boobs on Pornhub, and since 2015, the global number of Brazilian butt lifts has risen by 77.6 percent, making it the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery in the world. Meanwhile, even the most famous champions of big breasts have been backpedalling — Anderson has expressed regret at getting her boobs done, and Jameson had her implants removed entirely.

But Verre isn’t the only woman to stand by the big-breasted look — porn actress Claudia Marie has also invested both time and money into her gigantically augmented hogans. She got her first implants in 2003, long before she started working in the adult industry. “It was just something I wanted to do,” she tells me. “After breastfeeding a couple of kids and a couple of husbands, they weren’t as perky as they used to be.”

“Slowly, the boobs just kind of got bigger,” she continues. “It’s the same with tattoos, right? Once you get one, you kind of want to keep doing it.”

While she had a naturally large G-cup size, Marie’s chest now rests at 3,500 cubic centimeters per boob — and her cup size has grown to 50O. In her experience, some people still have a strong interest in prodigious breasts, especially on a “MILF-y Southern blonde,” as she calls herself. “Having larger boobs gave me a niche for making money, because if there’s nothing special about you, it’s hard to keep the average porn viewer’s attention,” she says. “You see these girls come and go like a revolving door, but I have something that not many women in the industry have. So maybe I have a longer shelf life.”

The rising popularity of OnlyFans may extend that shelf life even further. Now that fans are looking for authentic, personal exchanges with the models and sex workers they follow, creators like Verre have started to bring them into the big boob experience on a closer level, lifting the veil to reveal the human beneath the fantasy. “My fans are with me on every step of my journey,” Verre tells me. “I’ve had my lips done three times, butt implants put in with fat transfers to the side of each cheek, an hourglass tummy tuck, ab etching, lipo all over and many fillers in my butt and lips. I’ve included my fans not only by updating them throughout each process and my recoveries, but also by filming the procedures whenever possible.”

“So while my body may be fake, the real me, and my real experiences, always come through,” she concludes. “And as ironic as this might sound, it’s that realness that people respond to with such enthusiasm.” Without question, her audience loves it — so far, she’s amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans, many of whom tune in for her journey as well as her jugs. “There are communities of people who appreciate every kind of look you can possibly imagine,” says Verre.

Not everyone has forgotten the golden age of big boobs from which Jessica Rabbit emerged, and by celebrating those aesthetics, Verre has found her audience. And who knows, maybe rebels like her and Marie will help usher in a new era of mammary adulation. There are already signs of a change in the weather — Alex Hawkins, vice president of porn browser xHamster, said just two years ago that, “after a long period of ass growth, our data actually shows a shift back toward breasts. In the U.S., the search term ‘big ass’ dropped 17.95 percent in the past year, while searches for ‘big tits’ grew 20.57 percent. Worldwide, we saw ‘big ass’ drop 5.82 percent, and ‘big tits’ grow 4.31 percent.”

If our cultural ideals really are shifting back toward big breasts, Verre and Marie’s throwback definition of sexy might actually place them ahead of the curve. “I’m not doing this for the money or the attention — I’m doing it for me, and my fans understand and respect that,” says Verre. “I’m in a position where I get to live out my dreams and make new friends at the same time. Who could ask for anything more?”