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Can Astrology Predict Whether Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Will Cave to Trump?

And: What happens when your partner loves astrology and you think it’s bullshit?

I’ve been told so many times that most straight men don’t (or won’t) believe in astrology. And yet, the more I yap about it to the guys around me, the more interested they seem to become. So this column is dedicated to those dudes: The suspicious and the curious, the skeptical and the inquisitive. I’ll be here every week, tackling the stuff your basic-ass horoscopes will never get into. Because you know what? You might think astrology is esoteric snake-oil, but everyone around you still judges you based on your star sign.

So things between President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are getting crazier by the minute. He’s been uninvited from delivering the State of the Union. She can’t go anywhere on a government aircraft. He might show up and give the State of the Union anyway. At this rate, she might lock him out. All the while, the partial government shutdown continues. Based on their signs (and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s as well), who blinks first — on the shutdown, on the Wall and everything else? — Josh S., Aires

Let’s start here: Pelosi is an Aries, and Schumer is a Sagittarius, which makes them both fire signs. Trump, as we know, is a Gemini, an air sign. Typically, fire and air are compatible and work well together. Obviously, though, this is a much different situation. And so, there are a couple of things to consider:

  1. Fire signs don’t ever back down from a challenge; if anything, it only makes them more pumped and prepared to win when challenged.
  2. Gemini energy can be extremely cunning and manipulative.

I’d say then it’s going to be a battle of resiliency. We all know Trump doesn’t back out of fights, so all we can really hope is that Pelosi and Schumer’s fiery passion is strong enough — and angry enough (fire signs thrive when they’re pushed to anger) — to NOT succumb to Trump’s below-the-belt manipulation.

One last thing — someone with some earth in their chart (for example, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who’s a Virgo and just happens to be on the fence) would be a great help in this mix. Since fire is focused on “inspiring” others to action, and air is all talk, a good-faith player with earth elements would actually be able to get things done. I’m looking at you, Joe Manchin (fingers crossed).

My partner likes astrology. I think it’s bullshit. What next? (And yes, I know that you’re a bit biased.) — David L., Virgo

First of all, you’re a Virgo, an earth sign, and therefore, you’re grounded in reality (for the most part). Virgos are concerned with things like practicality and organization. In other words, I’m not shocked that you’re asking this question — you’re not wired to believe in things like astrology. Signs that tend toward esotericism and the occult are typically found in the water and fire elements.

However, since you’re in a relationship with someone who is a true believer, and as a Virgo, you have a tendency to logically dissect things in order to figure out how they work (more than likely — we don’t know your rising sign or moon), you may find it fun and educational to do some investigating, like taking a theology class. Because there’s way, way, way more to astrology than just a sun sign. Not to mention, your partner probably knows a lot more about you than you think — and of all people, I shouldn’t have to tell YOU that knowledge is power.

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