Ty Mitchell

Ty Mitchell is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York, focused on gay culture, sexuality, and labor. His work has been featured on, Cockyboys, and SNL.


Cruising a Hotel Basement Bathroom in Search of My Queer Lineage

Stories of bareback sex in city parks and hooking up in bathhouses are our fables — stories of a time when cruising functioned as a vital means for gay men to not just get off, but to discover each other

Reinventing the Third Wheel

I approach couples at parties with excitement and caution: excited I might get tag-teamed by two hotties, but cautious of the guilt, jealousy and drama

The Most Painful Head I Ever Got in a Gay Bathhouse

Cruising in a sauna isn’t as confusing as it seems — but rejecting an unwanted advance gets complicated when you’re nursing a near-concussion