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Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre is a writer, comedian, adult performer, internationally published poet (not a joke) and prolific podcaster (totally a joke). She is currently the co-host of the historical podcast ILL REPUTE! documenting the lives of controversial women along side Siouxsie Q. James, and the co-writer of digital shorts on Unholy Bible Study.


    Why 18th-Century Masturbation Pseudoscience Was So Hard to Rub Out

    How a fraud and a wacko convinced two centuries of masturbators that jacking off caused blindness, insanity, gout and hairy palms

    The Radical History of How Strap-ons Pegged the Patriarchy

    The intoxicating gender fuckery of strap-on sex didn't start with ‘Broad City’ — it’s been for longer than pottery, animal domestication and silicone cocks. So why have we just now decided that it’s nowhere near as controversial as it used to be?

    The Fraught World of Sex Workers Selling Nudes for Black Lives Matter

    What’s helpful, what’s self-promotion and what’s profiting off of Black trauma?