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Sadaf Ahsan

Sadaf Ahsan is a Toronto-based arts and lifestyle writer and editor. She dreams of living a life Nora Ephron would be proud of.


Why Our Bodies Stop Us From Boning All Night

‘Overstimulation’ is the feeling you get when sex suddenly turns from pleasure to pain. What are our organs really telling us?

Why Do We Think Simultaneous Orgasms Are the Holy Grail of Sex?

According to Hollywood and most porn, climaxing in jubilant unison is the only way to cum. But is synchronized splooging real, or just another horny myth?

Are Women More Likely to Get Pregnant if They Orgasm?

Some have theorized that the vaginal contractions of orgasm ‘suck’ semen up into the uterus, but others call it bunk science. What gives?