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Mark Hay

Mark Hay is a Brooklyn-based freelancer. His stories on sex and sexuality have appeared in numerous outlets, including Aeon, Forbes.com and VICE.

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Has the Rise of Premature Ejaculation Technology Come Too Soon?

From electronic ‘taint Band-Aids’ to bossy fuck tubes, sex tech is hoping to provide solutions for premature ejaculation the way it did for ED. But maybe — just maybe — we’ve been thinking about sex and pleasure all wrong

Blood Brothers: The Painful History of Male Menstruation

Menstruation is supposed to be a ‘female thing,’ so why do cultures all around the world (and throughout history) believe that men get their periods too?

The Frightening Connection Between Horror Films and Porn

For much of history, horror and porn were conjoined twins attached at the head. Who separated them — and why?