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Mark Hay

Mark Hay is a Brooklyn-based freelancer. His stories on sex and sexuality have appeared in numerous outlets, including Aeon, Forbes.com and VICE.

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The Private Lives of Straight Men with Sugar Daddies

Classically gay-for-pay, they vow that they’re still ‘pretty much 100 percent hetero’

Has the Rise of Premature Ejaculation Technology Come Too Soon?

From electronic ‘taint Band-Aids’ to bossy fuck tubes, sex tech is hoping to provide solutions for premature ejaculation the way it did for ED. But maybe — just maybe — we’ve been thinking about sex and pleasure all wrong

Blood Brothers: The Painful History of Male Menstruation

Menstruation is supposed to be a ‘female thing,’ so why do cultures all around the world (and throughout history) believe that men get their periods too?