Kate Mooney

Kate Mooney lives and writes in Brooklyn. Beyond MEL, you can read more of her work in GQ, Vox, The NYTimes, Cosmopolitan and Lifehacker.

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Why Men Fall Apart When the Wife Goes Out of Town

Part of the experience of being a Wife Guy — that they really oughta better prepare you for — is your old lady not being…

Guys, It’s Time to Experience the Magic of the Clothing Swap

When it comes to getting dressed, men today have plenty of resources. Dudes be thrift shopping, posting #fitpics on Instagram or bidding on the latest…

The Secret World of Doctors Who Love Whippits

When you think of whippits — aka nitrous oxide, the clear odorless gas that, when inhaled, induces a brief, dizzying headrush, punctuated by a “wah…