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James Dennin

James Dennin is a freelance journalist and editor based in New York City. He used to be the consumer finance reporter for Mic and most recently was the innovation editor for Inverse. He learned about stonks during his first job at a stonk brokerage.

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Bill Gates and the New Class of Wealth Whiners

What happens if you actually do the math on a wealth tax? The rich still get way richer. Under Warren’s plan, if Gates lives to 400, he’ll be worth about $71 sextillion

The Yield Curve Inversion, Explained for a Guy Who Just Wants to Retire Before 70

People are freaking out about a potential recession. Should you? And what does any of this ‘yield curve’ stuff mean?

The ‘Stonks’ Meme Can Teach You a Lot About the Stock Market

This dumbass meme is a perfect distillation of Boglehead investing