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Chris O'Connell

Chris O'Connell is a journalist in Austin, Texas. His work has appeared in Texas Monthly, Men's Health, Popula and Columbia Journalism Review.

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How Paris Hilton Revolutionized the Boyfriend Accessory

In the 2000s, Hilton’s roster of famous paramours — dirtbags, smut peddlers, punks and Greek shipping heirs — was a manifestation of her brand-building genius

The Eternal Mystery of Men Pissing in Closets

It’s a tale as old as time. Every man on the planet has a story about inventing a toilet that’s far from the bathroom. But why is it always the closet?

Inside Facebook’s Underground Market for Rare Meat

On invite-only Facebook pages, people gamble real money on the prospect of winning impossible-to-score goods — like an Iberian octopus and A5 Wagyu beef