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Blake Harper

Blake Harper is a writer based in Brooklyn. He's written about movies and TV for Paste, Fatherly and All That's Interesting. He's probably gonna start a podcast one of these days.


‘Good Burger’ Is Proof the Best Stoner Comedies Aren’t About Weed

A classic stoner comedy has less to do with how much the characters are shown smoking and way more to do with its ability to embody the true spirit of the stoner

How Does Baby-Making Work in Whoville? An Investigation

The Whos’ procreation process is a confusing, potentially supernatural experience that bears no resemblance to anything on Earth

10 Years Later, ‘Easy A’ Still Has the Greatest Teen Movie Parents

The 2010 Emma Stone comedy never quite reached classic status — but her onscreen mom and dad, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci, deserve it