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Dan Nosowitz is a freelance writer who has written for Popular Science, The Awl, Gizmodo, Fast Company, BuzzFeed and elsewhere. He owns almost every season of MTV’s Real World.

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Everything That Came Before All-Caps Internet Yelling

Donald Trump’s angry, nearly all-caps Twitter threat to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani on Sunday night prompted relentless memes and jokes. Immediately, folks on Twitter applied…

When Love Meets Math

Near the end of the third season of Are You the One?, MTV’s mind-boggling The Bachelor-meets-OKCupid-meets-Algebra reality show, one contestant attempts to win the competition…

App-Ed: Meet Wish, The Shit-Store App Of Our Dreams

The internet is very good at helping consumers find (and eventually buy) the “best” thing: the best phone, the best car, the best toilet paper,…