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You’ve Heard of Truck Nuts. Now Behold Desk Balls

Some Friday bullshit to kick off your weekend

Work got you in a fear cage?

How about a nice pair of rubber testicles to help relieve all of that stress?

That’s the idea behind Niceballs, a giant pink ballsack that you can attach to your desk and squeeze when work’s got you on the ropes, or maybe, just for fun.

Niceballs is a hanging prosthetic accessory that can be stuck to your work desk in a simple, discreet and efficient way. It’s an invention that can make the dream shared by millions of people for centuries come true: be productive while you play with your balls.

God bless you, Niceballs.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here are some of our favorite highlights in GIF form. Enjoy.