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Why They Swiped Right

Searching for a last-minute Valentine? Six Tinder ladies on what earned the dudes in their stream green hearts

Lauren, 33, Fashion Designer

I like gym selfies, but not if they’re shirtless. Shirtless suggests that a guy is a douchey bro. Guys in hot gym photos wear long-sleeve compression shirts. Long-sleeve compression shirts say, “I’m specialized, focused and the kind of male peacock that details his car every Sunday.” I love this kind of peacock.

Bri, 26, Barista

I swipe right if they have some sense of humor. A guy named Nicolas recently told me, “I promise I’ll never use my invisibility ring to look at you…” That’s lame in a funny way.

Dani, 24, Bartender

My strategy always has been to right-swipe the men who share Facebook friends with me. I figure I’m less likely to get murdered if we know some of the same people.

Elizabeth, 27, Community Organizer

I like guys whose photos indicate good taste without a lot of effort. Which means high-quality photos with nice colors and crops. If your pictures look low on mega pixels, I assume your intelligence is low as well. If you don’t have a phone with a nice camera, scope out a friend or stranger with an iPhone 6 and ask them to take your pic and e-mail it to you.

Justice, 23, Video Director

I swipe right when a person takes a picture in a different city or at a concert, which shows that they weren’t just waiting at home for someone to bone them.

Jessica, 23, Student

It’s a plus if we both like George Takei on Facebook. There’s something sweet about a potential date with an affinity for a 75-year-old gay, Asian Trekkie. It feeds my nice guy fantasies.

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