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What Makes Me… a Horndog?

According to six experts in their field… including three porn stars

In this installment of our “What Makes Me a…” column, we asked six people what they think makes someone a horndog. It turns out that you can be oversexed without being a creep.

Jen Jamula, co-creator of Blogologues and How to Break Up by Text: There’s a major difference between a horndog and a creep, because — let’s be honest — the majority of us (including myself) enjoy and become distracted by sex, but don’t leer, grope or make people bristle. You’re a creep if you disregard someone else’s personal space or boundaries. Those shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out: Don’t openly fixate on a person or their body, and don’t expose them to sexualized words or behavior unless they’ve explicitly made clear they’re willing to participate with you. Otherwise, self-aware, respectful horndogs unite! Even in 2017, I’d like to hear us all talking about sex more openly.

Kayden Kross, Adult Film Star: A horndog is someone who’s blissfully unaware that his sexual preference is “anything.”

Brian Gross, Publicist at BSG PR: As someone who works with a plethora of dynamic people who base their professions in and/or around sexuality, my core group of constituents are horndogs by nature — by the way they love, and with the happiness of getting excited about what they do!

Ariana Marie, Adult Film Star: Normally when I think of a horndog in this industry, I imagine the smelly fat guy who became a “photographer” so he could hit on naked girls, or the guy who’s at every industry party or event passing out his business cards he made at Kinkos because he’s shooting content for a “new website” he started building last night.

That said, I know some people might call me a horndog because I married a “Dad.” Example: I could be out shopping and see a guy around my age who’s good-looking, but then I’ll look over and see his Hot Dad. At that point, I don’t even care about the guy my age, I’m more into the Dad. Look, I’d do them both if possible… but Dad first.

Allison Goldberg, co-creator of Blogologues and How to Break Up by Text: Someone’s a horndog when, two words: DICK PICS.

Brett Rossi, Adult Film Star: That’s a tough question to ask someone who’s in the adult entertainment business, considering we have more sex than the average individual who doesn’t have sex for a living. I suppose a horndog would be categorized in our business as someone like… Ron Jeremy?