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That’s My Fetish: Sticky Feet

An occasional series about men’s most intimate proclivities

Name: Ronald
Age: 52
From: Omaha, Nebraska
Fetish: Sticky feet

Tell me about what the sticky fetish entails for you.
This goes back to my childhood. I’ve had a foot fetish since I was four years old, so it always comes down to feet. For whatever reason, I’ve always imagined women stepping into sticky things. For me, it’s about the struggle with the feet more than anything else. But I’m not into bondage at all — not even foot bondage where the feet are handcuffed together. That stuff doesn’t do anything for me.

So the crux of your fetish is the way a woman’s feet interact with different sticky substances?
Exactly. Mud is an easy example. A lot of people I share this with prefer mud or quicksand. The quicksand fetish is huge, and relates to the “stuck” aspect I like. But for me, quicksand skirts too close to an actual threat of danger. I like to see struggle, but nothing beyond that. Besides, I never want to see women sink too much because then I’m not able to see their feet. As long as they’re not stuck above their knees, they can still lift their feet up.

What’s your sticky substance of choice?
My favorite substance for this kind of thing is glue. Of course, I didn’t think about that when I was young. It’s something I discovered online. There’s a lot of YouTube videos and videos for sale where women step in glue. They’re not necessarily barefoot in all of these videos, but those are the ones I like the best. “Sticky Barbi” is someone who I’ve ordered a few videos from and she posts on YouTube too.

So what happens in one of these glue videos?
It’s basically just a thing of rat-trap glue, what that does is self-explanatory. The women step in it and then get stuck to each other or to the trap itself. I find that very arousing because it allows for the feet to be stuck without having them sink too much. The glue isn’t that deep; it’s just very, very sticky. Then, as they try to get out, you see how strong the glue is. You see the glue stretching and clinging. That’s part of the turn on.

You get off on the way the glue ribbons out when they pull on it?
Yeah, because that shows the woman is actually stuck and that the glue is really holding the flesh. They’re lifting their feet up trying to get out, but the glue is still holding them. The way that happens is what’s so cool to me.

How do those videos compare to your sticky fantasies from childhood?
I always was a big dinosaur guy. I was always curious about prehistoric times and so I would fantasize about the La Brea Tar Pits. I had never seen them in person, but I always thought that would be a hot place for things to get sticky. I would always imagine a girl getting stuck in the tar pits. I would picture her feet trying to wiggle out and how the tar would become so stretchy. Back in the day, I even had a dream where the Bionic Woman was barefoot in the tar pit. I was probably 12 years old. I remember waking up like, “Whoa!” That was fun.

And the women getting stuck are always clothed?
Right. I always laugh when I say that I can find my porn on YouTube for free. For me, this isn’t something that involves nudity.

Why not?
Nudity makes it feel like an unrealistic situation. I guess it’s a pretty unrealistic situation to begin with, to step in a big glue trap in your kitchen while someone happens to film, but the nudity pushes that for me.

Do you get off on watching the women become un-stuck? Is that a common climax point in a sticky foot plot?
Some do have plots — where it begins with a woman getting stuck in her heels, and then wiggling out of those only to get stuck barefoot, etc. But for me, most of these videos end still stuck. If there’s already enough of a struggle shown, seeing them get out of the glue can be a release point if I haven’t already…[cum]. I do like to see the models out of the glue, though, because I’m not turned on by the idea that any woman would be stuck in glue forever. But when I first began frequenting forums and other websites about the fetish, I found that many guys did want to see that type of thing.

Have you ever connected with a woman who shares this fetish?
About 17 years ago, when I first got on the internet and started conversing with these people about these things, I found some women in chat rooms that shared my fetish. One woman I chatted with got off on how the stickiness felt. She liked the glue hitting her feet and said it was almost massage-like. For her, it wasn’t about getting stuck or the struggle, just the sticky feeling.

What about in real life? Have you explored sticky fantasies?
No, I haven’t.

Would you want to?
Of course. My ex-wife was open to trying it for me, but we never did it because of the logistics. You have to order the rat trap and have an area for it. You could just spread it on the floor, but I think that would be hard to clean up. I wouldn’t know what to clean it up with. I once heard someone say it’s easy to clean the glue up with gasoline, but of course that would be an even bigger mess.

So yeah, I’ve never tried it. It’s not a situation that happens every day or is easy to find. I have had women step in mud though and sink into it a little. But it’s never such a sticky situation that they actually get stuck.