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That’s My Fetish: Leather Pants

An occasional series about men’s most intimate proclivities

Name: Paul
Age: 30
From: Somewhere in Canada
Fetish: Leather pants

Why leather pants?
It’s simple: I love the way they shine and how they show off a woman’s ass. I also like the way they swoosh and creak while walking.

How often are they on your mind?
There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think about leather pants. And I’m always looking for people who wear them. I wonder if they have a fetish like me or if they’re just a pair of pants to them.

When did you first discover that leather pants were your thing?
I’ve been interested in leather pants since I was about 14. There were a couple of girls at my school that wore leather pants, and I couldn’t stop staring at them and wanting to touch their legs.

Do you wear them, too? Or are they just for your partner?
I only wear my leather pants when I’m traveling for work. I first started wearing them when I was 24. Before that, I had a couple pairs of women’s pleather pants that I would masturbate with. I usually find them at second-hand stores and through local buy-and-sell websites. My favorite kind are GAP bootcut leather. Black is my favorite color, followed by red, blue, purple, green and then darker brown. I don’t like white or other light colors.

As for my girl, she has no idea that I own or like to wear leather pants. She just thinks I like them on her. When she wears them, there’s a 99 percent chance we’ll be having sex that night.

Is the sex better on those nights?
The sex is always better when she’s wearing — or has just worn — leather pants. She knows how turned on they make me. She also knows that all she has to do is wear leather pants to get almost anything she wants from me sexually.

But she still doesn’t know that you love wearing them as much as seeing her in them?
Yes. No one knows that except for me.

What about the videos of you in leather pants that you post to YouTube?
First, you never see my face. Second, the videos are meant to see what kind of reaction I’d get from other people and to see if anyone else has the same interest as me. I also was hoping to meet someone who would participate in one of my fantasies. So far, I’ve gotten a few video requests and a bunch of positive comments. But they’re mostly from other men, and I’m strictly into women.

What’s with the slime in the videos?
Putting slime on my leather pants feels so wrong. That’s what I love about it. I make the slime myself, using white cake mix, water and food coloring. Sometimes, I’ll also add pancake syrup or instant vanilla pudding mix. The slime tastes sweet, like pudding.

Do you ever slime yourself or your girlfriend sans leather pants?
I’ve only ever slimed myself while wearing leather pants. I love the feel of pouring the slime inside my pants. My girlfriend doesn’t know about the slime, though we’ve played around with some of the ingredients I use for it. Once, I poured chocolate syrup all over her body. Another time, I poured syrup on her before we had sex. That feels good, but it’s way too sticky.

Why not leather shoes or belts?
They just don’t get me off. I don’t know why.

Leather couches, chairs or car seats?
I have no erotic reactions whatsoever to these items either. The only other leather item I sort of like is leather jackets, but only when they’re worn with leather pants.

How about other fabrics, textures and/or clothes?
My fetish did start out with nylon wind/splash pants. During my teen years, though, it slowly changed toward leather pants. That said, I still like wind pants for the same reasons I like leather ones — their shine and the noise they make when you walk in them. And it doesn’t have to be real leather to get me off. Pleather — and sometimes PVC — works as long as they’re five-pocket bootcut style.

Why bootcut?
I like leather pants that look just like a pair of jeans only made of leather rather than denim. And I much prefer the way bootcut jeans look to skinny jeans. I’ve also tried on a pair of super tight skinny leather pants, and they look goofy on me.

Do you check yourself out a lot while wearing the pants?
Not at all. I only wear them out in hopes of finding a woman who loves leather, too. I hope she sees me and talks to me. Then maybe we hit it off and have a happy leather life together.

Tierney Finster is a writer-actress-model-activist from the San Fernando Valley and MEL’s senior sex and relationships editor.

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