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That’s My Fetish: Cakesitting

An occasional series about men’s most intimate proclivities

Name: Rich
Age: 37
From: Wisconsin
Fetish: Cakesitting

Why cakesitting?
I don’t really know. All I can say is that cakesitting just feels great. There’s also the added naughtiness of doing something you’re not supposed to do.

When did you first discover that grinding cakes was your thing?
It was by accident in my mid-teens. I was at a birthday party where someone put their plate of cake down; I didn’t see it and sat on it by mistake. It was a slight turn-on that grew much more intense in my early 20s when I found a few websites that were geared toward it. These days, I take my own photos — before, during and after a cakesit. I post some of them to my FetLife profile, but most are only for personal use or a select group of people I share them with.

Do you ever actually fuck the cake — American Pie style?
Yes, I’ve penetrated cakes and pies. The feeling is awesome.

Can you make it past the bakery section of a grocery store without getting turned on?
Not really. When I see a cake at the grocery store or a bakery, I think about what it would look like being smashed into the face, groin or butt of the person for whom it was made.

Where do you get your cakes?
I sometimes bake them myself; I usually just follow the recipe on the box. The easiest thing, however, is to buy one. The cakes at Costco are my favorite. But honestly, any cake will do. I have found that cakes with pudding in the middle and buttercream frosting on the outside work best. Ice cream cakes are fun, too. They’re way too expensive, though. Round cakes are best for sitting; sheet cakes are best for rolling around on. Fondant is the worst. It’s impossible to smash.

My dream cake is a multilayered wedding cake. Something seven layers high. Nothing would turn me on more than seeing a bride lowered down on top of it.

How long do you usually sit on a cake for?
It depends on my mood. Sometime I wash up right away because of time constraints. Other times, I wait an hour or so. I once sat there for two hours, but that was mostly because I was playing a game with messy items with my online partner before she got married.

Do you always sit by yourself, or does your girlfriend get involved, too? When I told my current partner about my cakesitting fetish, she was taken aback. So I don’t push it. We’ve played a little with Cool Whip and chocolate, but that’s as far as it’s gone. She’s afraid to try anything else.

I have, however, told a couple of my female friends, and they both love the idea. I think they would have tried it if they didn’t think it would piss off their boyfriends. I also had another girlfriend who was totally into cakesitting, but our time together was limited.

Would you be into doing this with friends? Or is it only for people you’re having sex with?
I would totally be up for a group sit. Each of us could bring a gooey cake or pie in a box. Then, someone would mix up the boxes so no one knew what would be in each box before we all picked one and sat.

What about the more traditional use for cake — eating it?
Weirdly, I don’t like the taste of it that much.