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That’s My Fetish: Boxing Gloves

An occasional series about men’s most intimate proclivities

Name: Bill*
Age: 61
From: Chico, California
Fetish: Boxing gloves

Do you get off on boxing in general or just the boxing equipment?
The heart of this fetish for me is the boxing glove itself. Yes, I love the ring, the bell, the speed bag, etc. But just as a shoe fetishist goes wild for high heels or whatever, I go absolutely nuts for women in boxing gloves. I’m straight, so it’s all about women who are boxers… boxing female goddesses.

You refer to your fetish as agonophilia. When did begin calling your boxing fetish that?
Agonophilia is the erotic love of boxing. I encountered the word for the first time quite recently. For years, I just called myself an erotic boxer without knowing the fetish had a name of any kind. But in the summer of 2014, I came across the word by pure accident while searching for artwork featuring sexy female boxers.

Do you remember your first time seeing boxing gloves? Was it an instant turn-on?
No, it wasn’t a big deal sexually because I was five or six and the people boxing were men. Later on, still as a youth, I had powerful dreams starring female boxers just as my sexual hard drive was getting wired.

But were you a big fan of boxing anyway?
No, I didn’t grow up boxing or watching boxing. I was into team sports.

Do you have a favorite professional boxer?
No, I don’t have a favorite boxer. I don’t really care about “real” boxing, just sexy boxing. I don’t really have the hots for any female boxers. There are some sexy ones, but I’m pretty busy with my own little scene. There’s one boxer in Finland who is really sexy and amazing because of the way she dismantles her opponents, but since I know she’s a married mother, it puts a damper on the whole thing.

So what’s the deal then? Why boxing?
I don’t have a clue. It was just obviously very, very, very sexy to me. It’s the only sport that’s ever hit me on a sexual level. After those dreams I had, once I was 16 or 17, I saw a photo of a Playboy Bunny wearing boxing gloves and I almost ran to the bathroom to masturbate. It was… well… it was like a left hook to the chin… a total knockout. A sweet, sweet knockout.

The gloves are all you need to get off?
They’re the focus, but dressing up a gorgeous woman in a total fighting outfit is very sexy. Sometimes this means hot little trunks. Other times, it means a fighting thong. There’s also sports bras, nasty knockout boots and robes for their entrances into boxing rings. The full outfit has great appeal and the dressing can be a juicy and thrilling part of the fetish — turning a buxom babe into a female boxing goddess is very sexy and entertaining to me, to say the least.

Do you fetishize the boxing ring itself?
I love the boxing ring. It’s the perfect place for all erotic boxing to happen and for knockouts to occur. In my world, a knockout is synonymous with an orgasm, so both partners want to get knocked out. I don’t actually hit women or have any interest in that. I don’t slam them into the mat or anything either. Erotic boxing is a feel-good enterprise. Ironically, it’s not about punching, pain or violence. It’s about posing, nasty boxing talk and cumming.

Do you incorporate boxing gloves into your masturbation practice?
Actually, boxing gloves are lousy for masturbating so I don’t bother with them. Sometimes I’ll have them next to me, but they are only present for sexy, visual stimulation. They’re uninvolved with the actual act of masturbation.

When’s the first time you tried out the boxing glove thing with a partner?
I finally worked up the nerve to ask a lover to put on boxing gloves almost 30 years ago, in 1988. She was amused and put them on, but she wasn’t turned on at all. The whole experience was gigantically anticlimactic (almost literally).

Were you really nervous to ask? Have any of your partners really “gotten it?”
Sooner or later, you find a partner who gets it and even feels it, who gets turned on by getting into the ring and having boxing sex. It happens quite a lot. I mean, there’s a high percentage of women who very quickly grow fond of the idea of being adored and made to cum by her boxing champ. There was also one woman who I used to have boxing phone sex with that got really into it. I can always tell when a women is genuinely turned on by agonophilia because she will drop hints and use the language, knowing how it turns me on. That phone sex friend of mine even began calling me for free to let me know that she really, really wanted to get in the ring and box. That doesn’t happen very often. I should have married her. I’ve also had a great time over the years bringing my bag of sexy boxing gloves to the brothels of Nevada. Sometimes, the Mustang Ranch or the Bunny Ranch are absolute godsends to a horny agonophiliac who needs to box!

What is some of your favorite hot boxing lingo?
Boxing lingo is so essential to the fetish. It helps create a satisfying erotic experience. Great partners know exactly what is going on when I describe a left hook or a short, sharp uppercut. They know the bell, they know the “floor,” they know the count of a knockout is one, two, three, four and not up to ten. For example, the girls who know what a speed bag is… I love those girls. Luckily, basic boxing vocabulary is simple and easily picked up.

Do you think your partners are more into the boxing or more into how turned on the boxing makes you?
Most women don’t get into it too much, but they love that I’m so turned on by them wearing gloves. If I’m turned on and the mood is very sexy, they’re more apt to have a great time. Most of my lovers have no trouble playing along, because they know making them cum is the knockout I’m after. They humor me. Of course, a few people have been weirded out by it and they make it obvious they would rather not put on the gloves. But much more frequently I experience lovers who play along because when it comes to what’s being asked of them, the fetish is pretty vanilla. Nobody needs a safe word. Nobody is risking much.

Do you have an area of your house or closet devoted to your fetish?
I have a big box of gloves. There’s all kinds and many different colors. One of them has an old lace-up style and the rest are quite modern. In my spare bedroom I have a bed that’s made up to look like a boxing ring. Some of my best nights have been spent there. There’s also a speedbag on the all which is great. On my computer, I have numerous files filled with photos of boxing goddesses throughout the years. I also have a couple shoeboxes filled with pictures of the incredible boxing babes I’ve had in my life. It’s a wonderful collection that always gets me off.

Does erotic boxing best lend itself to any particular sex act?
Erotic boxing lends itself to oral sex beautifully, but fucking while we wear only gloves is also awesome. The boxing of the clitoris is the “go to” activity for her pleasure where I flick her clit up and down and back and forth crazy like a speed bag. I’ve made a lot of friends cum via the intense experience of clitoral boxing. Many of my partners quickly become enamored with clit boxing.

Do you share this fetish with any of your guy friends?
I don’t have friends with this fetish. Zero. There are small groups of like-minded agonophiles online, but it’s a surprisingly small fetish. I don’t get it.

And what about porn? What’s the best site for an agonophile?
The best, by far, is Hit the Mat. They know their audience and why we are watching. They have some amazing Point of View videos where the babes act like they’re punching the camera. It feels like they’re punching you.

*Name has been changed.

Tierney Finster is a writer-actress-model-activist from the San Fernando Valley.