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Ryan Gosling Might Convince Me to Get Dressed Up

The manly perfection that is Ryan Gosling is enough to make any guy jealous. But in La La Land, the Greek-God-turned-actor allows his clothes, not his abs, do the work for him. The style is obnoxious, but the tailoring is on-point. Fitted shirts, blazers and trousers accent his arms, chest and waist as he moves gracefully through tap-dancing sequences. But as standards of acceptability for casual dressing have continued to implode, the lines between not giving a fuck, athleisure and office-acceptable have meant many people spend their days looking as if their about to go the gym. That’s why Gosling’s sartorial excellence is more vital now than ever before.

Or at least it was excellent enough that it made MEL Executive Editor Zak Stone want to wear something other than sweatpants.

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