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At Starbucks, Maya Rudolph Is Known as ‘The Lady Who Took a Shit in the Street’

In an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ the actor and comedian sheds light on just how inescapable that infamous ‘Bridemaids’ scene has become

Maya Rudolph is a national treasure. The actor, comedian and singer has showered us with delightful entertainment of all kinds for decades. And yet, some people apparently still don’t recognize her by name, even though she’s Maya Fucking Rudolph. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the former Saturday Night Live star explained that she was initially hesitant to show her four children Bridesmaids because Kirsten Wiig’s character has sex with Jon Hamm at the beginning of the movie. Only her son Jackson, who is 13, has seen it as of now. 

But because Bridesmaids was such a massive phenomenon, her kids did find out about the infamous explosive diarrhea scene — certainly one of the most unforgettable moments in cinematic history. In it, the group of friends get food poisoning while trying on wedding dresses at a very fancy and expensive shop. Rudolph’s character Lillian, the bride, runs out of the store in her gown, only to defecate in the middle of the street. 

Rudolph told The Hollywood Reporter that the scene stuck with audiences so much that a Starbucks barista once wrote down on her cup “that lady that took a shit on the street.” 

“Maya” seems a lot easier to fit on a grande latte, but okay.

Still, Rudolph says the diarrhea scene isn’t nearly as bad as having to explain what orgasms are to her children. This very uncomfortable experience came about after winning an Emmy for the Big Mouth episode “How to Have an Orgasm.” As she admitted, “That bummed me out.”